The First Floor at Dr Johnson's House. A panoramic view of the floor and contents.

Dr Johnson's House

Dr Johnson's House is a charming 300-year-old townhouse, nestled amongst a maze of courts and alleys in the historic City of London.  Samuel Johnson, the writer and wit, lived and worked here in the middle of the eighteenth century, compiling his great Dictionary of the English Language in the Garret.

Today, the House is open to the public with a collection relating to Johnson, a research library, restored interiors and a wealth of original features. Often described by visitors as a hidden gem, 17 Gough Square is a tranquil spot in the midst of the bustling City.


Forthcoming events at Dr Johnson's House

Tea, Silk and Sweatshops: How migration made London, from the days of Dr Johnson
A talk by Susie Symes

Dr Johnson's Georgian Jamboree
An evening of 18th-century Junketing with Historic Punch and guests Lars Tharp, Jonathan Foyle and music from David Owen Norris.
Friday 25 July, 6.30pm


We are delighted to have acquired a 1st edition of Johnson's London: A Poem for our library.

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Dictionary Corner

To ASPERSE v. a. [aspermatio, Lat.] To bespatter with censure or calumny.

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